Smith Bay

Sweet Bottom Dive Center:

If you are coming here to scuba dive, The Breakers At Cane Bay is just 5 minutes from Sweet Bottom Dive Center. We are currently working with Sweet Bottom Dive Center to have special rates for our guests if you use their services.


Snorkel Coki Beach

Why St Croix?

With over 50 dive sites in St. Croix, we thought we would help you narrow the list down to the very best! Here is a list from Sweet Bottom Dive Center of the very best St. Croix Dive Sites. Please ask our Concierge to put you in contact!


St Thomas Snorkel Map

St Thomas Snorkeling:

The closest snorkeling to Tropical Palm Villa is at Coki Beach, about 6 minutes away. The furthest snorkel spot to the west of the villa that we recommend you go is Brewers Bay; the furthest east of the villa to go to is Sapphire Beach. Enjoy!

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